Friday, June 17, 2011

is there usb port in airasia x plane

AirAsia X fly airbus a330 and airbus a340 plane form melbourne Gold Coast to KUL,Only Premium flatbed seats have in-seat power sockets. Economy seats do not have in-seat entertainment or USB slots anymore.according to airasia blog they are looking at solutions for 'portable power' and next-generation 'portable entertainment'.

The portable media players do not have capability of charging other devices.

I would recommend getting your own portable power. Check out the PowerGorilla or PowerMonkey from

I would really appreciate if airasia x could bring back the USB port in one way or another. I am flying from PER to KUL next tuesday and looking forward in using my iphone as my main form of entertainment during the flight.However after reading through the article and comments I now find myself hugely dissapointed and whats more I would not have enough time to get a battery pack in time for tuesday flight. Thou, the changes to the Premium seats are awesome

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